Hello world!

Whenever a new WordPress site is created you always get a post created to go with it titled “Hello world!” so I thought that I would use that post to welcome PostRecycler into the world and give a bit of background.

A few years ago I had a large amount of content on the Williams formula one team that I wanted to regularly post to Twitter without repeating too often and choosing it randomly. So I wrote a tool that I could upload my posts to, set a schedule and leave it to get on with the posting. That tool was PostRecycler.

After a few people expressed an interest in using PostRecycler for their own social media needs I decided to make it generally available and you can sign-up here.

What is PostRecycler?

PostRecycler is a web based tool that allows you to make use of your evergreen content, pictures and other media by putting it in front of your audience on social media when they are most likely to see it.

Most things that are posted to social media aren’t seen by your audience so if you retweet or reshare a post it is more likely to be seen by a greater number of people and therefore get greater engagement. In fact on average only 14% of your followers will see it twice so you will be reaching an extended audience.

What can I use PostRecycler for?

PostRecycler has three key features to help you get the most out of your social content:

  1. randomly post out your evergreen content on a schedule you dictate
  2. post out content on the same date every year. Great for anniversaries and birthdays
  3. turn your favourite RSS feeds into social posts. Brilliant for getting WordPress posts to your social networks for example.

How does PostRecycler Work?

Getting started with PostRecycler is really easy with just four steps as follows:

  1. connect your social media networks
  2. create some categories
  3. build your schedule
  4. upload your content

And that’s it! Just leave PostRecycler to decide the best piece of content to post at the schedule you setup.

Sounds Great, How do I get Started?

Glad you asked! Just go here to register for your account – the first 30 days are free and you don’t need to give any credit card details.

I’m sure you are going to love PostRecycler and if you have any comments please get in touch by sending us an email or leave a comment below.


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