What is Evergreen Content?

PostRecycler is all about helping you make the most of your evergreen content but what exactly is “evergreen content”?

What is Evergreen Content?

The term evergreen content comes from the world of journalism and Wikipedia describes it as follows:

evergreen content is content that is not time-sensitive. Evergreen content does not rely on current events; thus, an evergreen story can be prepared, then mothballed until it is needed.

In terms of your content these are articles that you can post again and again and the content will be as fresh today as the day you wrote it. It is content that doesn’t go out of date. It is timeless and always relevant, very much like evergreen trees that retain their leaves all year round.

Here are a couple of examples of some great evergreen topics.

1. How to lose weight

It doesn’t matter if it is 2019 or a 1000 years from now, people will always want to lose weight so this will always be relevant no matter when it is posted.

2. How to care for a new puppy

Animals and the internet are a pretty strong combination but pieces like this are fun and instructional at the same time and once again will always be relevant.

Here are some other ideas of what you might consider for your evergreen content posted through PostRecycler:

  • pictures with a little accompanying text make great posts
  • how-to articles
  • checklists on popular topics

Evergreen content has no real expiration date. An article about a presidential election may be popular right now but it won’t make the cut as evergreen content.

Why Create Evergreen Content?

Creating evergreen content has a number of advantages.

1. Less work

You don’t have to change or update the content often which means you have less work to do. Result!

2. Get regular traffic

Any search engine’s job is to provide answers to people’s queries. If the content is out-of-date, it won’t rank. Creating evergreen content is your best bet if you want to attract organic traffic to your post month after month, year after year, and not see a decline in traffic after a month or two.

3. Improve search engine rankings

Search engines love great, relevant, content and so do your readers. If it truly is on topic and remains relevant year on year you can attract some great backlinks – some else that search engines love. Something that quickly goes out of date isn’t going to build the back links you need to improve search engine rankings – evergreen content can.

4. Build your audience

Your audience want to know, like and trust you and your content. If someone dips in to something that they might have stumbled upon via a search engine they could then start looking at your previous posts. If those posts still resonate with them they are more likely to keep coming back for more.

How to Create Evergreen Content?

You must create content that adds value to your particular audience. News, fads, or controversial news that people won’t care about the next week don’t fall under evergreen topics.

1. Find evergreen topics

Writing about topics that’ll be obsolete next week won’t help your case so look for things that are going to have a long shelf-life.

2. Optimize for SEO and choose the right keywords

Even the most lasting evergreen piece won’t stand a chance if people aren’t searching for that topic so use SEO best practices for on-page optimization. On WordPress check out a plugin such as Yoast to help you get the best from your content.

4. Avoid using language with a short lifespan

If possible, avoid using words like

  • Earlier this year
  • Last month
  • Yesterday

Such words only serve to date your content.

5. Repurpose your content

When you create a great piece of content, there are many ways you can spin it and re-use your great ideas in various formats. You could turn it onto a short video or an infographic which are great, engaging, ways of showcasing your evergreen content.

Don’t Bury Your Evergreen Content!

Once you’ve created your evergreen content, don’t simply bury it on your blog. If you publish your content and “set it and forget it,” you won’t get the results you’re hoping for. Instead, you need to make an effort to highlight your valuable evergreen content so that it’s immediately seen and accessible by site visitors. And for that you need PostRecycler!


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